Why Apscout?
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Why Apscout?

End-to-end visibility and control of applications and business services

Apscout provides mid-sized IT organizations with an affordable, SaaS based, easy to use, Business Service Management (BSM) platform that simplifies the delivery, management, and support of applications and business services.  Unlike other management solutions, Apscout's service-centric approach continuously discovers, maps, and audits application configurations and dependencies for end-to-end visibility and control of business services. 

Apscout's SaaS based solution is:

  • Fast, easy, and affordable
  • Easy to try, easy to buy
  • Agent-less, self maintaining
  • Open, extensible, and easily integrates with 3rd party IT Service Management (ITSM) and CMDB solutions
  • Designed for complex applications and business services that span physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures

Apscout offers a different approach

Legacy management tools and first generation Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM) products are complex, expensive, resource intensive, and inadequate for managing modern applications in traditional and non-traditional data centers.   With applications and business services now driving infrastructure deployments across physical, virtual, and cloud instances, IT must evolve from "server-centric" tools to "service-centric" management.  With this increase in complexity emerged the need to drastically simplify and revolutionize the way applications and business services are delivered, managed, and supported.  This new service-centric approach integrates automated application discovery and dependency mapping with application configuration and change auditing.

Top Down View of your Applications and Business Services
The business services your customers see are supported by an entire stack of supporting IT services and hardware. Apscout allows you to view specific business process and see all the individual components in the application stack that support that specific process. And it provides the ability to quickly determine which if any configuration items (CIs) have changed.

When you view a dependency map, Apscout will identify supporting:

  • Web servers
  • Databases
  • Middleware
  • Messaging layer
  • Operating systems
  • Virtualization layer
  • Individual virtual machines
  • Hardware 
Bottoms up View of your Servers

Individual components within your IT universe often provide common services for multiple applications and business services. Making a change to a component without having accurate and up to date information about these mutual dependencies can be a recipe for disaster. When preparing to make a change to a server or other resource Apscout can quickly and accurately determine all the other resources that are dependent on that resource. Now you can know exactly which business services and applications are potentially at risk when a change occurs. Now you can know the potential impact of a change before you make the change, and continuously audit application configurations and change.