Why Apscout
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IT Operations Teams

With more business services being deployed across ever increasingly complex infrastructures, operations teams are awakening to the challenges of managing and supporting distributed applications.  To effectively manage business services, IT must embrace a 'service-centric' approach that provides end-to-end visibility and control of dependencies and configuration changes. 

Application Mapping

Determine impact of planned or unplanned changes by mapping upstream and downstream application dependencies spanning physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures

Improved Visibility

Streamline troubleshooting of problems and incidents by eliminating problems associated with inaccurate data or lack of application visibility to streamline troubleshooting 

Improved Service Restoration Times

Reduce risk of application outages and improve service restoration times (MTTR) by proactively monitoring and auditing critical application components   

ITSM Integration

Integrate Apscout operational management database (OMDB) with IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions and CMDBs