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IT Service Management (ITSM) and CMDB Integration

Service-centric third-party integration  

Apscout delivers fast, easy to implement, integration with third-party IT Service Management processes and CMDB solutions.  Our top down and bottom up approach uniquly identifies all configuration items (CIs) across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures to help federate critical applications and business service information with third-party solutions.

Traditional configuration and change management tools, and the CMDB's that support them are just too hard to use, too expensive, and inadequate in handling the increased rate of change within modern applications that go beyond traditional datacenter walls. 

They fail because they do not automatically link IT resources to the applications and services a company's business community uses.  And they fail to automatically determine all the physical and virtual resources that each and every application and business service is dependent upon. 

By unifying business service relationships with application configuration change auditing, Apscout enables Application and Operations Teams to quickly isolate "what's impacted" and more importantly answer "what's changed".  This ability to discover, map, and audit application configuration changes provides IT with near real-time operational insight that will reduce outages and downtime while simplifying the delivery, management, and support of  business services.  

Apscout's SaaS based solution:

  • Provides impact analysis and change reconciliation to support ITIL processes and DevOps initiatives
  • Automatically populates configuration management databases (CMDB) including all business service relationships, dependencies, and application configuration changes.  
  • Streamlines the management of business services by providing end-to-end visibility of applications and configuration changes
  • Accelerates IT Service Management (ITSM) and CMDB adoption by quickly and dynamically linking IT resources to the applications and services a company's business community
  • Fully supports open source ITSM and CMDB solutions like OTRS