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Datacenter Transformation

Application and infrastructure insight to accelerate datacenter transformation

Apscout delivers fast, easy to use, SaaS based solutions that accelerate datacenter transformation initiatives by providing end-to-end visibility of applications, application components and servers. Whether your are virtualizing workloads, consolidating data centers, or conducting disaster recovery planning, Apscout provides a federated view of your IT universe spanning across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures.

With no agents to deploy and no implementation services required, you can stay focused on the task at hand.  Don't worry...we take care of the rest.

Fast, easy, affordable SaaS based datacenter transformation

  • Virtualization & Datacenter Consolidation:  Discover and map your existing infrastructure and applications determine which workloads, servers, and applications should be migrated first.  Apscout supports top down and bottom up discovery to ensure you have end-to-end visibility of application configurations and dependencies. 
  • Cloud & Application Migrations:  Planning to migrate applications or business services to the cloud?  Apscout provides fast, easy to use, agent-less discovery and mapping of applications and their dependencies.  Are you rapidly deploying business services across complex, hybrid cloud environments with limited visibility?  Apscout discovers, maps, and audits application dependencies no matter where they exist.  
  • Disaster Recovery Planning:   An effective disaster recovery plan starts with understanding what you have, how it is configured, and any upstream and downstream dependencies the server or application may have.  Apscout makes it easy to audit and verify your disaster recovery plans to ensure all applications and application components are successfully accounted for.  
  • ITSM & CMDB Initiatives:  IT Service Management (ITSM) and CMDB projects are frequently viewed as lengthy, expensive, and lacking the operational data (insight) required to streamline IT operations.  Apscout automatically federates operational data (configuration items - CIs) into 3rd party ITSM and CMDB solutions to deliver near real time application and business service visibility and control.  Built on an open and extensible platform, REST APIs can be leveraged to integrate with existing IT processes and tools.